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Membership Application

Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (JSPRS)
International Membership Application Information


The Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (JSPRS) hereby accepts applications for International Members from all over the world. Those qualified plastic surgeons who reside and practice in a country other than Japan and are considering to be an International Member can make application following the process shown below.

The first step for you to join JSPRS as an International Member is to submit an application form to JSPRS International Office by email [intl-office@jsprs.or.jp].

Upon receipt of your completed application materials, the Board Members will evaluate you to make sure whether or not you are eligible to be an International Member. It will take approximately 1-2 months before your membership is finally approved.

As an International Member you will receive the following educational benefits:
 1) Subscription of JSPRS emails to guide educational events/opportunities
 2) Special price for attending JSPRS annual meetings

You are required to submit all of the following documents and pay the fees.
 1. Application form (Attached / Download from JSPRS website)
 2. A sponsor letter from a JSPRS Member
 3. A letter from your National Society to verify your membership
 4. A list of your presentations and publications (or CV)
 5. A recent photograph of yours (taken within 3 months)
 6. Payment (Initial membership fee: 10,000 JPY/ Annual fee: 18,000 JPY)

JSPRS International Membership Application Form Word PDF

All documents should be emailed (scanned) to the email address below. When you are approved as an International Member, all payments must be made online by credit card.
Details of the payment method will be sent to your email address provided in your application form.

E-mail: intl-office@jsprs.or.jp (JSPRS International Office)

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